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 About Daman Turk Pro Web Store

The most famous wholesale brands and combined goods.. and the best wholesale Turkish manufacturers and exporters.

Daman Turk Pro Company..a Turkish company legally licensed in Istanbul, to provide all retail and wholesale commercial services for Turkish goods..

Daman Turk pro is the shortest way to invest in Turkey and the Middle East through a team of specialists and a wide network of relationships.

As care and beauty products, cosmetics, creams for hair, skin, face and body, make-up, perfumes, foodstuffs, organic, honey vitamins, clothes, household and electrical appliances, pills, furniture and everything that manufacturers make in Turkey.

About Daman Turk Pro Web Store: is the largest legally licensed online store in Turkey, selling all Turkish products and merchandise, retail and wholesale.

Wholesale products best made by Turkish suppliers in Türkiye wholesale:


Women’s, men’s and children’s clothing

 We offer a wide range of Turkish products wholesale along with related services, including:

Furniture and Home: (Wood and Doors – Furnishings – Home Accessories)
Foodstuff: (Canned Goods – Grains – Oils – Beverages and Juices – Nuts – Sweets – Spices, etc.)
Cosmetics and Personal Care: (Care and Beauty Products – Makeup – Perfumes – Accessories)
Clothing: (Children’s Clothing – Modest Women’s Clothing – Men’s Clothing – Accessories)
Shoes: (Women’s Shoes – Men’s Shoes – Children’s Shoes)
Suppliers’ Offers and Urgent Buying and Selling Offers
Machinery and Production Lines (Production – Machinery – Production Lines – Elevators – Air Conditioning Devices)
In addition to international shipping for wholesale goods and customs clearance.
Due to our extensive relationships in Turkey, we also offer the following investment services: (Buying and Selling Real Estate and Lands – Projects – Investments – Lands)

– We work in a Daman Turk Pro Company in accordance with the Turkish Law No. 6102, which facilitates and protects our dealing and regulates the purchase and sale mechanism and fully guarantees the rights of all our customers and partners within and outside Turkey under official and legal contracts which can be applied by the parties including inter alia all the services, transactions we offer to you.

This guarantees the rights and assets of all parties without being exposed to any problems in dealing with and purchasing from us. In this context, the name of our company Dhaman which means “Guarantee” in Arabic.

The fastest and shortest bridge for investment and access to all products and services within Turkey.

Daman Turk official IDs as they are legally licensed in Türkiye:

wholesale goods:

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With Dhaman, you are safe.

The added value that we offer in “Dhaman” to our customers:

In Daman, we offer shipping services for our goods at a reduced price, which adds new value to our products.

– We manufacture products similar to our available products and according to the customer’s request.

– We provide our customers with a free quote request with discounts for the products they want.

– We offer discounts for those who receive more than one service or receive consecutive shipments.

– All the procedures we carry out with our clients are legal and can be referred to by all parties and with the guarantee of the Turkish government.

-Door-to-door and worldwide delivery of retail products.